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Abortion Has Nothing To Do With Choice!

         It is argued by some of the United States highest government officials that abortion is a necessary part women’s reproductive health, and that the government has no right to become involved in such an intimate decision.
     The reality is that when a government legalizes abortion and provides taxpayer’s money to pay for those abortions, it has indeed already become too involved.   Abortion ends the life of an innocent human being and permanently injures another. 
     The greatest forms of harassment, intimidation and tyranny come from those who scream the loudest about their right to choose.  At the same time, they go to great extremes to silence the voice and trample the rights of others that object to abortion.  Pro-abortionists insist that  what a woman does to her unborn child is her choice, at the same time they want to  take away the choice of pro-life Americans by insisting that we must pay for the murder of that child.
     It is against the law of nature and against the law of nature’s God for a mother to destroy the life of her child.  Taking an innocent life should not be a matter of politics, religion, or personal choice!  It should be a matter of law!  It should be illegal to murder an unborn child.  
     Those who do not believe in the law of God see nothing wrong with the destruction of the unborn.  But our constitution was written by and for a people that believed in God and the supremacy of His laws. Our constitution was meant to guarantee and protect our God-given right to life.   
    I have spent the better part of my young adult years paying for an abortion that was forced on me by a government doctor. I was not given a choice!   
     Now this administration  insists that I spend my senior years paying for someone else’s abortion without giving me a choice. The pro-abortion supporters need to change their slogan.   Abortion has nothing to do with  women's choices!

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