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Women Deserve Better Choices Than Abortion!

If abortion is about a woman’s choice why was my choice ignored?  Why did my twin babies have to die?   In 1971, prior to Roe vs Wade, I was a naïve little hillbilly girl from Eastern Kentucky with nothing more than a High School General Education Diploma.

I was a part of that population that the Roe vs Wade decision was meant for.  I was a part of the targeted group of young, poor, white and under educated population that Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood thought should have their reproductive rights controlled. 
I was also a young dependent military wife with two small children, accompanying my husband on an overseas assignment to Germany. Government health care was my only option! 

In the spring of 1971, just prior to my 25 birthday, a government doctor performed a forced abortion of my unborn twin babies and placed my own life in great danger when he removed a dislodged Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) after I had become pregnant. 

I had already made my choice not to have the IUD removed after being informed by a previous doctor that removing it would guarantee an abortion. I informed this doctor of my choice prior to what I thought was going to be a normal routine pelvic examination. However, he did not inform me of his intentions, and he did not ask for or receive my consent! He caused permanent damage to my own body and he murdered my babies when he ripped out the IUD. Within 30 minutes of leaving his office I aborted twin babies. 

This government doctor took it upon himself to decide what should and should not be done for my health care without consulting or informing me of what was happening. Hitler’s Nazi doctor’s had nothing on this man. He treated me like as just another piece of government issued property to use and discard as he saw fit!   A scientist shows more concern for his laboratory rats than this doctor did for my health care or the life of my unborn children. 

This crime was not committed in some back alley flop house by an untrained doctor. This murder was committed in a clean and sterile OB/GYN clinic of a military hospital, by a trained and licensed doctor, sworn to do no harm. The murder of my children was paid for with American Tax dollars prior to Roe v Wade or ObamaCare!   The day this doctor made the decision to end my children’s life, my health and my life began a downhill spiral that was out of my control.   

When I went into that clinic with health concerns I felt safe. I rightfully expected that this doctor would do me no harm.  I was wrong! I came out of that clinic forever changed from an assault that took the life of my twin babies and left me with chronic, life threatening, health problems that would be with me for the rest of my life. 

In my ignorance I believed that because this man was a government doctor and a military officer, that there was nothing I could do about the murder of my children. I believed that if I spoke up and complained my husband’s career would be in jeopardy.  I believed that I had no other choice but to accept what this doctor had done. As a result, I remained silent for almost four decades.

Forty two years later I am still grieving for children that I was not allowed to give life to, and suffering from health problems that are a direct result of that assault. I live every day with the regret that my silence over the years allowed the man who murdered my children to go unpunished and most likely allowed him to victimize other women and their babies.   

One cannot make a valid choice when they do not know all the circumstances or consequences that might follow their choice. One cannot make a valid choice when they are given false information and have no alternative choices for medical treatment or financial means to seek second opinions.  

The truth is that most abortions are performed on young women in desperate situations with little or no choice other than to seek government assisted health care. Too often women suffering from economic hardship are threatened with the choice of either unacceptable health care or no health care. 

Why should women suffering from economic hardship have to choose between murdering their child or no health care? Why should pregnant women not have the right to hear all sides of this issue? They have the right know, and the doctor has an obligation to inform them of all known possible dangers to their health as a result of abortion or their chosen method birth control.  

It is now a known and accepted biological fact that human life begins at conception. Even the abortion advocates admit that they are ending a human life.  It is not just blob of tissue or cluster of cells. It is a human life that they have deemed insignificant and undeserving of the right to life.  

Some members of Congress would have us believe that abortion is a simple procedure, no more serious than having your tonsils removed. These legislators are either intentionally  ignorant of the reality of abortion or deliberately and dangerously deceptive.  Abortion is the gift of death that keeps on giving long after the loss of the child. There are volumes upon volumes of documentation by post abortive women concerning the long term negative effects that abortion has had on their health and their intimate relationships. A woman's life begins to slowly deteriorate after abortion. The symptoms are so camouflaged that it  sometimes takes years for the women to connect the dots and seek help. I doubt that there are any documented cases of guilt ridden patients that have suffered for decades after having tonsils removed.    

As long as we allow our government to continue to minimize the life of the unborn and offer funding for the legalized murder of these tiny human beings, women and their families will suffer long term, devastating effects from this gift of death.  If doctors were required to show pregnant women sonogram pictures of their baby very few women would choose to terminate the live of their child.

If congress will not pass laws that end legal abortion on demand then at the very least they should appropriate equal amounts of funding for abstinence education for our children. One sure way to stop or reduce abortions is to educate our youth on the sanctity of life and reasons why abstinence until marriage is the best choice for them. 

Tax dollars used for this purpose are being snatched away by the present administration and given to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in our nation. Why? 

It’s because abortion is a multi-million dollar "population control" industry.  It is about an elite group of powerful individuals that want to rid society of those that they label undesirable! The eugenicists believe that only they have the right to decide who receives the gift of life!   

The truth is abortion is not about a woman’s right to choose, her right to privacy, or her health care! Unplanned, crisis pregnancies that end with abortion bring in the dollars. That is the plain and simple truth of abortion. 

There is no money in abstinence training, but it just might save our younger generation from a life time of disease, guilt, shame, and the pain and suffering that results from sexual behavior that has no healthy boundaries. This training might save the lives of untold numbers of American children, those that are in danger of abortion because they were conceived out of wedlock. 

If our government can provide taxpayer dollars to provide sexual education that knows no boundaries and encourages promiscuity in our youth and assist young women in the murder of their unborn child, then our government can and should, provide an equal amount of taxpayer dollars to teach them the sanctity of life and enable them to choose life for their child.  

They should have a choice!   Surely those that place such a high value on “choice” can see the fairness of this position!

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