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Politically Incorrect

It has taken forty years of legal abortion and the deaths of approximately 56 million unborn babies for me to realize that regardless of how futile my efforts might appear to be… I have a God given responsibility to speak out against abortion. Silence in the face of evil is acceptance.  I can no longer ignore and accept the killing of innocent children in our nation.

In 1971 my children were casualties of an illegal war. War on women and children! That war was escalated with the Roe vs Wade decision in 1973, and it continues to escalate today with the passage of the Obama Health Care legislation. 

I’m reminded of the audacity of the arrogance of the man that murdered my children every time I hear those in this administration boldly and brazenly declare how murdering unborn children should be a necessary part of women’s health care, and a woman’s right. 

Murder is not a constitutional right and neither should abortion be a constitutional right!   How twisted is the thinking of legislators that believe that it is immoral to refuse funding for the killing of unborn children?  

It is not the daughters of these leaders that are being targeted.  It is the daughters of the poor and minorities that are being offered the free health care benefit of erasing their sexual mistakes by murdering their unborn child.    

Just as the abortionist ignored my distress and hemorrhaging on the day he murdered my babies, our government continues to mock and ignore the distress calls of all of us that oppose the shedding of innocent blood.   Our nation is hemorrhaging from the corruption that has been allowed to ravage our constitution. 

There are many things that I do not know, but one thing I do know: killing unborn children and permanently wounding women is absolutely wrong! 

Abortion is not preventative healthcare! The only thing abortion prevents is life!   Abortion is not reproductive health care! The only thing abortion reproduces is death! Abortion is a wound that medical community has no cure for. It is a wound that only God can heal. 

Some of our leaders would dare tell men to sit down and shut up about abortion, because it is not their issue. I am of a different opinion. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby. That child has two parents and the father of the family has been ordained by God to protect and provide for his family.  

Once we know the truth of a situation we then have a responsibility to take appropriate action.  I believe that if God leads you to the truth that in His timing, He will also give you the strength to do whatever it is He expects you to do with that truth.  

It is time for real men of this nation to stand up, and protect women and children from the tyranny of abortion.  It is time for women to be told the truth about abortion before they make a decision that will leave them permanently scarred and burdened with regret for the rest of their lives. 

It is time for our nation to stop the slaughter of unborn babies and wounding of women under the evil disguise of health care and lawful privilege. Forty years of an unjust law that legally allows for the killing our future generations is forty years too long!  

No politically correct terminology will ever justify ending the life of innocent human beings!  Abortion is a national crime!

It is time for all children to once again have the right to life in our nation… may all God’s people join in unity to pray that 2013 will be the year that our nation will repent of this grievous crime against humanity and against God. 

May 2013 be the year that legal abortion ends in America.   “We the People” must choose! For the sake of our nation and future generations of Americans, let us choose life!  

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