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What Choice Does the Unborn Child Have?

 In 1971 I was 25 years old. I was a military wife accompanying my young husband on a 3- year overseas assignment to Germany. A government doctor performed an abortion of my unborn twin babies without my consent or prior knowledge of what was happening .I had no other healthcare options! I was not given a "choice"!.My babies were not given a choice!

So my question is this: If women should be entitled to abortion on demand without interference from the government, why is it that those same women expect me and other Americans to pay for the murder of their unborn child.

These babies are being slaughtered! Planned Parenthood is currently fighting to prevent legislation that stops late term abortion beyond 20-weeks.  Viable unborn babies experience excruciating pain as the abortionist beheads them and rips off their limbs. It is a barbaric murdering of an innocent child!

Those of us who oppose abortion are not being given a "choice". I believe we should have a choice on how to spend our money. We should not be forced to finance something that goes against our religious believes.

I have suffered for over 40 years with numerous physical, mental and emotional problems as a direct result of my abortion.   For years I carried immense guilt for the years of my silence about the murder of my unborn children. Rarely does a day pass that I don't wonder how many other women and unborn babies this man may have attacked. My marriage and my life fell apart after my abortion.

The pro-abortion community would be proud to know that our government certainly did not interfere in my abortion, or in any way demand this doctor be held accountable for his rape and assault on me and the murdering my unborn babies .

I believe that life begins at conception and all abortion should be illegal. However, we are in a spiritual battle not only for the lives of these children but for the very existence of our nation. Until we can win this war we must fight to win every battle along the way.  Each of us can play a part in stopping  this brutal murder of unborn children and end the curse on our nation that accompanies abortion!

Please visit ACLJ.org and sign the petition to stop late term abortion beyond 20 weeks. Listen to their daily broadcasts and stay informed. Lives depend on it!

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