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My "CHOICE" Was Not An Option

If abortion is about a woman's choice, why was my choice denied? 
I grew up in Eastern Kentucky during the Sixties in Martin County, Kentucky in what was then classified as the poorest all-white county in the nation. I was part of that population that the Roe vs Wade decision was meant for. I was a part the population that the eugenicists did not want too many of.  In the 1970s, I fell within the targeted group of the young, poor, white, and under-educated females that Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood thought should have their reproductive rights controlled. I was one of the dark haired hill folk that they needed to prevent from over breeding. In my case they were successful.
My father was killed in a coal mine explosion in Kermit, West Virginia when I was four years old. He left my 29-year-old mother widowed, with six children under the age of ten, the youngest one being only six weeks old.
Growing up in Eastern Kentucky I never knew anything except economic hardship. In fact, I never realized I was poor, until I heard President Lyndon Johnson on the national news declaring "war on poverty" from the front porch of a family in my county.  
Women suffering from economic hardship learn early in life that there are many things that they can do nothing about.  As a result they are easily lured into accepting lies as the truth and they often remain silent out of a feeling of helplessness when they should speak out.
In the spring of 1971, I was happily married to my High School sweetheart, and the mother of two beautiful daughters that I would have laid down my life for without hesitation. Just prior to my 25th birthday that  year a government military doctor made the supreme decision that would change my life forever.
Without my consent, and without informing me of what was happening until after the fact,  a government doctor removed a dislodged  inter uterine device known as an IUD.
This doctor  was well aware that I was pregnant. He was also aware that I had already chosen not to remove the IUD after being informed by a previous doctor that it would definitely cause an abortion.  He knew that by removing the IUD the death of my unborn children was guaranteed. My babies might have survived a dislodged IUD, but they could not survive being ripped from their mother's womb. The abortion was extremely painful, but I was given nothing to ease the pain before hand. This doctor literally ripped my unborn children from my womb with no more regard than a gardener pulls weeds from his garden and tosses them aside. I had no way of knowing that I would suffer for the rest of my life from damages done to my own body  by this doctor's actions. 
A scientist shows more concern for his laboratory rats than this man did for my health care or the life of my unborn children.
My constitutional rights, my health care, nor the life of my unborn children were of any concern to this abortionist.
The only explanation he offered for his actions was, "It had to be done"! Not only did he end the life of my twin babies, he ended a part of my life as well.  He  carelessly left fetal tissue inside my body that could have resulted in serious infection or death had another doctor not intervened.   For approximately 38 years I remained silent about this atrocity and the destruction in my life caused by this violent attack against me and my unborn children.
I was not given a choice! I was forced to accept this government doctor's choice! At the time I believed there was nothing I could do, because the doctor said, "It had to be done"!
When I went into that clinic seeking health care I rightfully expected that the doctor would do me no harm.  I was wrong!  His violent attack took the life of my twin babies and left me with a wound that would threaten my life many times over the remaining years of my life.  

We must stop believing the lies of the abortion industry that abortion is safe for women. Abortion is murder!  Murder is never, under any circumstances ,safe! 

It is quick but agonizing death for the unborn child, and a slow agonizing death for the woman! The after effects of abortion threatens to destroy everything in her life that is of any value! It  is a life threatening wound to her body, mind, and soul. It leaves a wound that only God can rescue her from!

Americans must stop funding abortion on demand! We are financing the suicide of  our  nation!  If the right to life can not be protected for our unborn generations, how can we expect that any class of Americans will not be singled out for destruction for the convenience of  a few?

copyright ARM 6/12/2015

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