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Anna R Penna
Anna R Penna
Founder, Facilitator Education: BS Degree, Business Administration Warner Pacific College Portland, Oregon
Anna was born in Pike County, KY. Her family moved to  Martin County, Ky when she was  6 months old where she lived and attended Warfield Elementary and High School until  she  married at the age of 17.
She was orphaned at the age of 4, when her father was killed in a coal mine explosion.  He left  her 29 year-old mother widowed , with six children under the age of ten.
Anna  became involved with the pro-life community as result of searching for solutions to help heal her own pain from abortion.
In 2007 she became involved  on- line with a  ministry called “40 Days for Life” and from there was lead to other healing ministries that she credits with helping save her from her self-destruction. She is passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ and her calling to take the truth of abortion to our nation. In addition to her involvement with “40 Days for Life” she is a member of Kentucky Right to Life, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and Operation Outcry.
She is the mother of two beautiful adult daughters, both of whom were born in Military Hospitals and proudly refer to themselves “Military Brats”.
As a Military wife and Federal Civil Servant she has traveled to nearly every state in the United States and nine foreign countries:
Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Jordan, and Israel.
She has lived in a total of twelve states:
Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut, Texas, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Louisiana.
During her 30-year civil servant career she worked for a total six Federal Agencies: 
The United States Air Force
The Department of Veterans Administration
The Department of Housing and Urban Development
The Bureau of Land Management
The United States Forest Service  
The Army Corps of Engineers
She retired in 2006 and presently  resides in her beautiful home state of Kentucky with her four dogs, 3 cats and a very sassy African Grey Parrot.
Most of her time is spent in bible study, pro-life activities and educating herself about the current pro-life issues, praying for her children and future grandchildren, and volunteer work at the local Veterans Hospital in Huntington, WVA.  
She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, reading, writing poetry, and listening to music, caring for and interacting with her pets, but her greatest passion is for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
In 2009 she established  "Arms of Grace", Abortion Recovery Ministry for the purpose of  communicating her story,  in the hope that she could  help other post abortive  women find the hope and  healing that comes from  the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.
She encourages women who are hurting from abortion to become involved in an abortion recovery program and help bring an end to the pain of abortion by filing a declaration of pain with the Justice Foundation. Those declarations can be found on this  web site under the Declaration of Pain tab at the left of the screen.
You may email Anna  at “abortionrecovery.vpweb.com” to request more information or to schedule her to speak at your organization. Send any  questions or comments via the contact tab on the left of this screen. 
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