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Regardless of who's been in the White House or controlled Congress, Planned Parenthood has flourished. According to its most recent annual report, the nation's largest abortion provider had an annual budget of over one billion dollars in 2008. Of this, approximately 34% (or $349,600,000) came from specific government grants. From the most recent year that national statistics are available, Planned Parenthood accounted for about one of every five abortions. In the latest health care bills, Planned Parenthood would have significantly profited from the Senate's budgetary gimmicks, which would have given the government the green light to pay for abortion.
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Anna Penna
Our Gift from God
Psalm 127:3:
Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Laws that have legalized abortion are allowing organizations such as Planned Parenthood to rob us (We the People) of our gift and reward from God.
 Abortion ends the life of an innocent human being and permanently injures another.  Most abortions are performed on young, naive females in desperate situations whose only option many times is government furnished health care. Often they  do not understand the immediate dangers or the long term effects that abortion will have on their health or their ability to have children in the future.
Make no mistake, this form of child sacrifice is form of worship that we are being commanded by our government to participate in with the passage of the current health care plan.
The Obama administration is continuing to build their monument to the “abortion god” by mandating that all American taxpayers must pay for the woman’s right to murder her child by calling it a necessary part of women’s health care. 
The United States of America has gone from being a nation that did not allow abortion for any reason to allowing abortion for rape and incest and from there to allowing abortion for any reason  what so ever.
We have gone from a nation that allowed abortion only in the first trimester to now  allowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy up to moments before birth.
In the name of "women's rights", we have gone from a nation that allowed women to choose abortion for any or no reason through all nine months of pregnancy to now calling it necessary health care.
We have gone from a nation that calls abortion necessary  reproductive health care to now demanding that insurance companies cover this procedure.
We have gone from a nation that demands that insurance companies cover this (so called) medical procedure to mandating that doctors must violate their own conscience by performing  abortion on demand.
We have gone from a nation that mandates insurance companies to provide this coverage and mandates doctors to perform this service to now mandating that all tax payers must  pay for the woman’s right to choose what she cannot afford to pay for.
We have gone from a nation that demands that only the woman has the right to choose  whether her child lives or dies to now declaring that she has a right to other people’s money to pay for her decision. 
We have gone from a nation that tells men to sit down and shut up about abortion because it is not THEIR issue, to now making it THEIR issue by insisting that THEIR money also pay for the woman’s right to murder THEIR children.  
At what point does a government stop paying for goods and services for those that can’t afford the choices that they make?
How long will it be before our government will claim the right to make the choice for the women  as they now do in countries such as China?
How long will it be before our government decides whether or not it is more cost effective to  allow the woman to give birth or force her to have an abortion?
Can’t happen you say?  Oh, but it can!  It has happened before and it can happen again.
When it happened to me it was illegal, but since 1973  the direction of our current laws are taking us  down that slippery slope very quickly.
Our  government is taking away our rights   to teach our children and grandchildren responsible sexual behavior. In  some states their  sexual innocence is being assaulted in the schools as early as kindergarten.  The homosexual advocates are  determined to indoctrinate  them with the their  homosexual agenda by teaching them at an early age that it a natural alternative to what is clearly against the law  of nature and nature's God.  Planned Parenthood wants to provide them with  perverted sexual education that has no boundaries and then, if they make a mistake and become pregnant,  help them erase their mistakes through abortion.
The  government wants our children and they are progressively and aggressively taking them from us. Men and women who refuse to take responsibility for the lives that they create may soon discover this  frightening reality.
This assault on our children and grand children must be stopped!  Obama Care must be repeald and Planned Parenthood must be defunded before it is too late!
If we do not stand against this evil now we may soon realize that we have crossed a bridge of no return.
Copyright ARM 10/09/2010
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