Abortion Recovery Ministry - Company Message
Poetry on these pages dedicated to my unborn children:
Samuel,  My first son
Angel and Grace, My Twins (Male & Female)
and to all the unborn boys and girls sacrificed to abortion. 
"God Hears"
 ANGEL 1971                                   GRACE 1971
        "God's Messenger"                        "Unmerited favor of God"
Picture by Michael Clancy 
One Small Hand
One small hand
reaching high
To say to the world
I am alive
One small hand
Holding on to life
Declaring to the world
I shall survive
One small hand
a strong silent cry 
for the millions of babies
that have  lost their lives
One small hand
Showing us Love
One small hand
 sent from the Father above
For one small hand
Father, Forgive us we pray
For all the small hands
That we have turned away
Copyright 2008 arm
Evil in High Places
You deny my child his right to life
You deny me my right to grieve
You mock my pain and suffering
 in lieu of justice,
you offer pity for relief
You deny my right to liberty
You deny my right to be angry
You attempt to deny my access to God
By denying that He exist
You name me among the rebellious
And put me on your list
You deny that God hears my prayer
You deny that God can speak
You classify believers as insane,
Dangerous, and in need of managing
Lest your evil secrets begin to leak
You offer the religion of politics
In lieu of a relationship with Christ
When evidence of God’s intervention
Can no longer be denied
You want to take credit for His work
And cast my God aside
You steal, rape and kill my children
Then have the gall to say, “I lie”
You wash your garments in
The blood of innocent babies
Instead of the Savior who died
You invade my privacy
To steal my dignity
And bring shame to my family name
To advance your own agenda
Then you say that I am to blame
Your deception was not by force
Your coercion was not overt
You cleverly concealed your evil
Offering to help them with their hurt
When they don’t break under your scrutiny
You call them ignorant and blind
You slander their identity,
and treat them with contempt
while you swim in sewage of discarded children
you declare their parents as “ unfit”
You rob them of everything
That they worked honestly to earn
Because they can’t conceive of such evil
You claim they are “clueless”
And cannot learn
You have the audacity to demand respect
While you illegally invade their home
You mock and destroy all that is decent
As you cower behind your thrones
You think you are entitled
To whatever you desire to take
You think no one will confront your corruption
you blame the morons and peons
when they learn  your tricks
and you get caught in your mistakes
You exempt yourself from all the rules
And make laws for the rest of us
You trample the misfits and uneducated
And wonder why we cannot trust
You insult and disgrace our military 
who have fought and bled and died
while they fight your wars,
you kill their children
and turn a deaf ear when you hear their cries
You refuse to acknowledge God
And dare others to claim His grace
In your efforts to thwart God’s plan
His intelligent design for His creation
For the earth and “the human race”
While the misfits offer up prayers for you
Asking God to spare your lives
You kill, steal, and destroy
And cloak your evil deeds with
Your pathetic, politically correct lies
Be sure that God will not be mocked
Though your futile attempts be so bold
Your time would best be spent
Seeking His mercy
 for your unrepentant souls
You may succeed in
Silencing some of the people
Some of the time
But you can never silence
ALL the people ALL the time
The age old truths still stand
Just as you sow,
 you shall also reap
And so goes the cycle of life
the world continues to turn
even as we sleep
Your evil has risen to unfathomable heights
But the ignorant misfits should not complain
Such evil is above our pay grade
And when we stand before our maker
It won’t be the misfits who have to explain
 Copyright 2008 arm
My Baby's Voice
Desperately searching night after night
Alone, scared, and cold
Nights that turned into years
Years that turned into decades
Of prolonged, confusing vertigo
In the foreboding darkness of restless sleep,
 I searched for my unborn sons and daughters
I desperately tried to determine
 in what direction I should go
As the tortured screams of my children
Pierced the depths of my soul
In the deepest darkness of  my sleep
I turned into another woman in my dreams
roaming the streets of  my subconscious
awakened only by the sound of my own screams
The demons of hell stood ready
To thwart and mock
any attempt of hers to cope
As she groped in the darkness for her babies
Desperate and alone without hope
The truth was too horrible
 to face in the light of day
So I kept this insane woman
safely locked away
I prayed no one would discover her
I prayed she would go away
To wherever they had taken her children
There I prayed she would go, and stay
But she kept coming back
Insisting I help her in her fight
Until one day there she was
In the middle of my life
Out in the light of day
She could no longer be silenced
She really gave me no choice
From beyond the grave
 her children demanded
that their mother be their voice
Once I began to speak
The insane woman began to die
Her babies hushed their crying
Because Mommy was there 
by their side
Assuring them that the world would know
as long as God gave her breath
she would speak out against  this evil
that had caused her children’s  death
Copyright 2008 arm
   He Is Mine!
  It was another one of those nightmares
  I knew I was dreaming,
  but I couldn’t   wake up
  The room was filled with angry voices
   but I couldn’t see their faces
  Some were blaming me
  Others loudly defending me
  I had no knowledge of
  what the transgressions  were
  that I had allegedly committed
  I wanted to speak
  I thought if I did, surely,
  I could dissipate the anger
  but  fear held me back
  I couldn’t be sure that if I spoke
  they would hear me, or believe me
  They didn’t seem to care or
   in any way acknowledge my presence
So, I thought it better to leave it that way
  Perhaps my speaking would only make
  matters worse
  I sat quietly and tried to listen
  It was difficult to discern
 between the voices that were accusing me
  and the voices that were defending me
there was so much I had to learn
  Just when I thought
  that I had sorted it out
  the voices seemed to switch sides
 The ones I thought were for me
  were now against me  
 The voices that had been against me
 now seemed to be for me
  Occasionally, I thought
  they might all be for me
  Then Oops! they switched again!
  All were against me!
  They all seemed to be very angry
  determined to make me pay
  for a crime that I had yet
  to be openly accused of
just what it was
no one would say
   I supposed my alleged sin
   was so grievous
that it must be kept secret---
   even from me!
   I wanted to wake up
   I wanted to defend myself
   but I remained frozen
   sitting  in  the middle of this very dark room
   where no one dared show their face
   as accusations swirled around me
I found it more and more
difficult to breathe
it was as if a 100 LB boulder
had been placed on my chest
I felt like a piece human waste
swirling around in sewage
as I was being flushed away
Then suddenly, He entered the room
 I felt His presence---
 before I  heard His voice
 with the authority of a great commander
 He demanded the powers of darkness
 to be silent
 He took my hand
 and lead me out of the dark room
 We climbed the stairs upward‑‑‑
 As He spoke peace to my soul,
 my spirit soared
 He promised,  that never again
 would the angry darkness
 encompass me
 Never again, would I swim in sewage
 Never again, would my life be wasted
 He promised, that if I would trust and  obey
He would show me the way out
Out into the light of day
Where the sun was shining
Flowers were blooming  
and the soft  sweet melody of
song  birds soothed my fears
  He led me through
the valley of the shadow of death
and I no longer fear evil!
He prepared a table before me
in the presence of my enemies and
  I WILL dwell in the House of the Lord forever!
His word and His promises 
comfort me! 
When He speaks, I listen
When I speak, He leans closer
He grants my heart’s desire
for I AM His delight and
copyright 2007 arm
My Warrior Children
Psalm 127
       Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,
         The fruit of the womb is a reward.
    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
         So are the children of one's youth
    Sometimes I imagine them as heavenly warriors
Those children that were stolen from me
I see them there with the garrisons of soldiers
Who have died on earth to keep us free
Led by Gabriel himself
Guarding the portals of time
Between heaven and earth
I can see their faces
I recognize them as mine
They stand guard
Ready to protect and defend
The children of God’s own hand
At the mention of the name of Jesus
My children, protect our land
In the presence of the Almighty
My children are His own
They serve the one true living God
Heaven is now their home
Warriors that guard His throne
For all eternity---
For the kingdom of heaven
Surely belongs to such as these
       Copyright 2007 arm
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