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Psalm 144:12 Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;
Prayer for the Daughters of the King
Abba Father, today I pray for your daughters, the Daughters of the King.
The day our babies died a part of us died also. The medical community has no cure for the deep wounds of abortion. We come to you for the cleansing and healing that only your Holy Spirit can provide. We pray for that healing touch now in the lives of those daughters that  have been battered, abused, and wounded:  verbally ,mentally , emotionally,physically,sexually ,and worst of all spiritually.
May they come to you for the healing and leadership that will bring them eternal life.  May your word become the foundation on which they build their lives.
Give them the wisdom and strength to resist anything or anyone that would deny them the full equality that your word says that they possess because they are made in your image and likeness.
Set your daughters free from the lies, distortions and chains of the enemy that tell them that they are less than what you created them to be.  Increase their faith and help them to trust and obey your word.
Set your daughters free from the lies from the pit of hell that convinced them to  allow the  life of their unborn child to be destroyed. I pray that you would comfort them in ways that only your blessed Holy Spirit can do.  Bring them into the healing  light of your love and forgiveness. Comfort their spirit with the knowledge that those babies are safe in the arms of Jesus.  Those children have escaped from this world of pain and suffering. They are alive and active in the Army of God in heaven. Now we must stand united together to protect our future sons and daughters from being destroyed. Give these wounded daughters of yours the courage and strength to stand against the enemy here on earth that continues to blow the flames of hell into our faces.  When we are threatened  remind us that the battle is yours and no weapon formed against us will prosper. After we have done all that we can do, help us to stand in confidence that you will protect and defend us.  God will avenge His children.  
Set your daughters free from the lies of those that would tell them that their only worth is to be found being a object of  sexual pleasure for men that  treat them as nothing more than an asset to used, abused and discarded when they no longer serve their purpose.
Set your daughters free from the lies of those in health professions that tell them that sexual promiscuity is normal and that  there no boundaries by God or man that need to  be observed.
Set your daughters free from the lies of leaders in high places that tell them they are can  erase the mistakes of their sexual sin by destroying their unborn child.
Set your daughters free from the fear that they will not find acceptance and forgiveness for past sins in Christ Jesus..
Set your daughters free from the fear of Christians that would dare to treat them as less than forgiven and set free..
Set your daughters free from the fear that you can not, or will not provide for all their needs if they will only trust and obey your word.
Set your daughters free to forgive others as we would have you forgive us! 
By the power and authority of Jesus Christ, the one and only  Lord  of heaven and  earth and everything under the earth, we claim the full inheritance that is ours because of His death, burial, and resurrection.
He has set us free and we are free indeed! 
In the Holy name of Jesus Christ we pray! AMEN.
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