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Deliberately taking a human life is murder! Murder is not a constitutional right! 

What difference does it make if that murder is committed by a drug crazed lunatic using a gun, or a medical doctor using the latest and greatest tools of abortion?

Abortion takes the life of  an innocent unborn child and leaves the mother with a wound that only God can heal.

When an unborn child dies from abortion a part of the woman's  life dies also!
It is argued by some of the United States highest government officials that abortion is a necessary part women’s reproductive health, and that the government has no right to become involved in such an intimate decision. This is an evil deceptive illusion!

 The reality is that when a government legalizes abortion and provides tax payers money to pay for those abortions, it has indeed already become too involved.

There is a law that is higher than the Supreme Court of the United States of America! That is the law of the almighty God of the universe! 

His law warns of the curse that comes with the shedding of innocent blood. His laws, and the consequences that go with breaking those laws, are not nullified by man-made laws.

What human being is more innocent and more defenseless that an unborn child? 

How can we claim to be a nation under God while nearly 4000 of these innocent human beings are being slaughtered in our nation on a daily basis?

More American lives would be saved by overturning Roe v Wade than  overturning  the 2nd Amendment.

What difference would it make you ask?    It won't stop all abortions. That's true! 

Some women will no doubt  still seek out the doctor's that have no respect for the law, or human life if they are determined to end the life of their child in the same way that lunatics and criminals will find a way to get guns if they are determined to kill and injure. No  matter what laws are passed , crime will continue. Does that mean we should have not laws to protect society?

At  the very least those of us that believe in the sanctity of life would not be forced to participate in this barbaric crime by funding it with our tax dollars.

These butcher's could be prosecuted and  held accountable for the taking of human lives as are other murderers.

 We would stop the dumbing down of our future generations  by not continuing  desensitize a nation in regards to the value of human life.

Most importantly we would save American lives! We would return the right to life to all  humans and integrity to our nation because:  all life matters regardless of the color of skin or stage of development!


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