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Will The Real Mean Spirited People Please Stand Up

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and her partner, President Obama, like to call  pro-life advocates "mean-spirited” among other names!
I wonder! What would they call ripping a child from a mother’s womb and leaving her to die from infection, or suffer for the rest of her life after being butchered on the inside? What would they call chopping an unborn child to pieces inside the mother’s womb, then removing those tiny body parts and selling them on the open market for cosmetics or vaccines? What is their definition of burning an unborn child to death inside the mother’s womb, or sticking a needle into an unborn child’s heart to stop it? What do they call sucking out the brains of a perfectly healthy unborn baby and then crushing its skull? How mean spirited is it to leave a child that has survived abortion on a laundry room shelf to die in pain, without medical attention?
Oh, that’s right, they call these  acts of humanity and kindness. These acts are what they want Americans to believe is necessary reproductive health care. This is what they demand that every female has a right to. They especially want to see to it that minorities and poor females receive this wonderful benefit, courtesy of the US tax payer, of course!
No, Ms. Richards! NO, Mr. President! Abortion is not merely mean spirited. Mean spirited is too mild a term for these acts. These are unadulterated acts of EVIL, cloaked in a politically deceptive lie of health care and lawful privilege. These acts are crimes against humanity!
It is those in positions of power taking advantage of young, desperate, naïve females under the disguise of women’s rights and reproductive health care. It is politicians and abortionists profiting from the destruction of the most defenseless human beings in our society. 
Abortion is a means of population control, with the goal of limiting or eliminating certain classes of people. Planned Parenthoods founder, Margaret Sanger, did not try to hide this fact.
ABORTION IS NOT HEALTH CARE!    ABORTION is tyranny!  No matter how you wrap it ABORTION is murder!
The politically sanitized, sugar-coated hate speech of the pro-abortionists is losing its appeal to the American public. The American public is becoming quite sickened by the hard heartedness of our politicians in Washington, DC.  Those of us who have experienced the truth of abortion intend to keep shedding light on this evil until this “nation of citizens” begins to see the work that you and your affiliates do for what it is. The destruction of our nation!

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