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It is Not Enough

Psalm 11:3 "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?"
The foundations of our society are being shaken out from underneath us by the effects of abortion, the shedding of innocent blood.
It is not enough to snatch young women from abortion centers and take them to pregnancy help centers. Yes--- we must do that for those caught in the clutches of an evil so vile that it would destroy the life of their unborn child and perhaps even their own life. But, then what?   
Our failure began long before the time when this young woman found herself knocking at Satan’s door of choice.   It began in the home with parents that failed to protect and teach her that she was valued, it began with the church that was silent on the issue of pre-marital sex and abortion, it began with a government that forbids any mention of God or prayer in our public schools. Today we find our selves in a nation that has legalized the killing of unborn children and provides millions of dollars every year to give young girls that  free choice at the expense of tax payers. 
 In the 60’s and 70’s our military men were spat upon and called baby killers because of children that died as casualties of war.  The real baby killers were not the soldiers in the field.
At the same time this was happening doctors in military hospitals were performing illegal abortions on military wives without their  knowledge or consent. I was one of those wives.
Today at the highest levels of our government we give honor and praise these same doctors that kill millions of babies legally every year.  Since the courts decision of Roe v Wade in 1973 the honor of killing the unborn has been declared a women’s right. 
 We find ourselves with a President and a Congress that would rather see the government shut down than to stop the flow of money going to organizations that murder unborn children and assist and cover up child sex offenders and traffickers.
While we fight over whether tax dollars will go to abortion centers or pregnancy help centers  who is going reach these young girls before they find themselves in the position of having to choose between killing their child, or becoming an unwed mother, dependent on others to provide for her and her child.
Yes--- we need to stop funding Planned Parenthood; Yes--- we need to help these young pregnant women. But simply taking away the funding for abortion won’t stop these unwed pregnancies. We must teach young females and males the value of  their self worth and self dignity.  They must be taught the sanctity of life from an early age if we are to expect them to value life in adulthood.  That is the lesson that should start even before they reach school age. We must teach them that poverty does not create immorality and crime.  Immorality and crime creates poverty.  We must teach them how to overcome immorality and crime in order to overcome poverty.
We must give them a reason to wait until they are ready to be fathers and mothers before engaging in sexual activity that will only end in dependency, disappointment, and destruction. We must give them a foundation on which to build their lives.
How many young women return again and again to abortion centers, or pregnancy help centers and welfare lines to collect benefits for their dependent children, only to return to the same circumstance that created the crisis in the first place? Why?  Because they don’t know any other way.
By teaching young people that they do not need to have boundaries, and that  there will always  unlimited welfare funds to bail them out of a crisis situation, we are creating a generation of  young people who must constantly make life decisions from a position of crisis.
For children that are being taught sexual perversion beginning in kindergarten, and are bombarded by “free” sexual education with no boundaries, abortion or dependency will often be the outcome. Ignoring boundaries is a sure path to disappointment. That is not the best path for our children.  If abortion or unwed pregnancy  are the only two options we can offer this generation  if they make a mistake, then  we have failed as parents, as a government, and worst of all as Christians. If we fail to point them to Christ, we have failed them and their children after them.  Birth control methods "might" spare them an unwanted pregnancy but it will not necessarily spare them from disease, heartbreak and disappointment.   Yes, abortion will end an unwanted pregnancy but the regret of that abortion lasts a life time.
When a child dies from abortion a part of that woman's life ends also. Abortion leaves a wound that only God can heal. 
I do not speak from a position of one who has always made the right choices.  I speak from a position of one that has made many mistakes, and one who has learned that my choices had consequences. It is my hope that by sharing what I have learned from my mistakes I  can help others, especially our youth, make better choices and avoid some of  those same mistakes.
Choosing between an unwed pregnancy or an abortion is a choice they should never be forced to make.
 Copyright 3/22/2011 ARM

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