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Let Us Choose Life

Scripture:  Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself; (Isaiah 44: 24)
Devotional: The foundations of our nation are being shaken out from underneath us because of the shedding of innocent blood. Through the knowledge of science, man is capable of picking and choosing from the tree of life.  Doctors and scientists have the knowledge, power and legal blessing of our government (We the People) to say who should live and who should die.Childless couples can order designer babies.  Less than perfect babies or babies conceived under less than perfect conditions can be discarded for convenience sake. The abuse of this knowledge and power over life comes at a great cost to our society. Human life is being created and destroyed for the sake of science and we call it progress rather than call it the abomination that it is.  It is man’s quest to become god by holding in his hands the power over life and death.  Abortion is not only a crime against humanity it is an insult to the God that created life in the beginning.  The Lord tells us in Isaiah 44:24 that He is the creator of all things in heaven and on earth. The work in the womb belongs to Him.  Animal activists demand more humane treatment of sick or unwanted animals and family pets than we do for our unwanted children. We do more to save a baby whale than we do to save the unborn human baby.  Protestors in the Northwest climb up into trees and on to ledges of Federal builds and roost there for weeks at a time to prevent trees from being cut down. Yet we allow doctors, who take an oath to do no harm, to slaughter unborn babies inside the mother’s womb.  Babies that survive abortion attempts are left alone on hospital laundry room shelves to die and their small bodies are tossed into the garbage as medical waste.  God did not allow Adam and Eve control over life (Gen 2:17). Their disobedience brought consequences and the discipline of God. Their sin brought the curse of death to all mankind.  As a result of abortion laws we are seeing the value of human life continue to decline more and more. Just this past week a woman in Canada was found “not guilty” of murdering her new born infant. The woman who strangled and killed her newborn baby has been released and will face no jail time thanks to a judge who cited support for legalized abortion in Canada, where abortions are legal and paid for at taxpayer expense. (LifeNews.com, 9/13/11). Is this the path that America wants to follow? If a parent can legally kill an unborn and a new born what prevents them from killing a child at any age? Unless we begin to reverse our abortion laws and once again begin to honor life that begins at conception we are well on our way to self destruction.  A threat to life any where is a threat to life everywhere.  God has placed before us the choice of life or death. Let us choose life!
Prayer:  Father today from all four corners of our state I pray your power would reign supreme over the powers of darkness.  Let your Kingdom come and your will be done from the halls of heaven to the halls of our courts.  Today by the power of your Holy Spirit we speak life and prosperity over our state and our nation.  By your name, let the chains of poverty and death be broken over the State of Kentucky and our nation. Let the clinics of death become centers of life and healing for the women. Bring conviction and repentance to the doctors and clinic workers and enable them to walk away from this practice of child sacrifice that is cloaked in the evil deception of women’s healthcare. Provide a way of escape for these workers that they too can find forgiveness and healing that only you can give. Give our leaders the courage to stand strong upon the principles of your Holy Word. Cause your people to humble themselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways that our people and our nation might be forgiven and healed. In the precious name of Jesus, let it be so!

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