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Rescue the Perishing

Scripture: Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. (Proverbs 24:11)
Devotional:  Something is terribly wrong with our priorities in this country when 
Animal Activists demand more humane treatment of sick or unwanted animals and family pets than we do for our unwanted children.
Something is terribly wrong when Environmentalists climb into trees and hug them for weeks at a time to prevent them from being cut down, yet babies that accidentally survive abortion attempts are left to die alone on hospital laundry room shelves. These babies are not even given anything to relieve pain as they die a horrendous death from a saline abortion that literally burns them to death.
I have seen protesters in the Northwest climb on to the ledge of a federal building and roost there for weeks at a time to save a tree. Crowds gathered outside to cheer them on, send up food, water, and slop jars for them to relieve themselves in public. During this time the local mayor and police department stood by to protect their right to protest.   These protesters were allowed to block traffic in front of the building. They gathered in the street and on the side walk within inches of the main entrance of the building in such a manner as to block employees and those going in and out of the building to conduct business.  Instead of asking these protesters to stand across the street and not harass employees and patrons, building security closed and locked the front door to the building and allowed the protesters to continue without incident. Employees and patrons were required to enter and exit via the back entrance to the building.
Yet, in that very same city, those that gather in front of abortion clinics to peacefully and quietly pray for the end to burning babies alive, or chopping them to pieces inside the mother’s womb are accused of trying to take away the rights of females and deny them health care.  Those who protest the destruction of millions of our unborn children are labeled potential terrorists by  Homeland Security. They are handcuffed and carted off to jail if they dare stand to close to an abortion clinic where babies are being slaughtered. Pro-Life women are labeled extremists and insane. Politicians tell men to sit down and shut up about abortion, because it is not their issue. It is their issue! It is their children that are being slaughtered!  It is their children’s mother that may also die or suffer for the rest of her life from the wounds of abortion. It is their wives, daughters, granddaughters and sisters. Abortion is not just a woman’s issue it is a human rights issue.  A threat to life anywhere is a threat to life everywhere! 
Prayer:  Father, thank you for those that are not afraid to speak the truth.  As long as babies are dying from this tragedy of abortion we are all guilty. Strengthen us Lord that we might be able to continue to stand up and speak out to save the lives of the unborn children and prevent the wounding of women that takes place with abortion. Let your truth and love and healing flow over our nation as one heart at a time is turned back to you. We give you all the glory and praise in the name of  Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.
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