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Arms of Grace, Abortion Recovery Ministry

December 2011

The Long Dark Night of Abortion

     It is the Christmas Season. A time when all over the world those that believe in the birth of Jesus rejoice and celebrate his birth.  It is also a time when many women are more acutely aware of the loss in their lives because of a child, or children that were denied the right to life because of an abortion.
     Grief, destruction, and regret surround the memory of the child that they did not give birth too. It matters not why the abortion took place, whether the woman chose it, was coerced into it, or perhaps had it illegally forced on her; abortion leaves the woman feeling empty and regretful.

The First Thing Must Remain the First Thing

     The mention of the birth of Christ or a cross is not allowed in public schools for fear of offending the atheists. However, pictures and idols of Santa Claus, his elves, Rudolph and the reindeers are proudly displayed in the public arena. Very young impressionable school children are allowed to writ letters of request to an imaginary man in a red suit, but not allowed to make their requests known to the living God through prayer. We have allowed our government to take God and prayer out of our schools.
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