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The Long Dark Night of Abortion

     It is the Christmas Season. A time when all over the world those that believe in the birth of Jesus rejoice and celebrate his birth.  It is also a time when many women are more acutely aware of the loss in their lives because of a child, or children that were denied the right to life because of an abortion.
     Grief, destruction, and regret surround the memory of the child that they did not give birth too. It matters not why the abortion took place, whether the woman chose it, was coerced into it, or perhaps had it illegally forced on her; abortion leaves the woman feeling empty and regretful. There is nothing joyous to remember about that event in her life.  It is not something that she can easily and proudly share with others close to her.
     For all the declarations from the pro-abortion side of the aisle about “women’s right” and “women’s reproductive health” the only thing abortion reproduces is death; death for the unborn child, and if not physical death, a slow agonizing emotional and spiritual  death for the woman. Everyone involved in that woman and child’s life is tainted with death and dying. Except for those who line their pockets with blood money from abortions, abortion is not a good choice!
     God has created the woman to love and nurture her children. The first time she looks upon the face of her newborn baby and holds that baby in her arms all the pain of childbirth seems insignificant compared to the joy she feels at that moment.
     On the other hand, abortion is a long dark night of suffering with labor pain that leaves her arms and her soul empty. Her heart is scarred with painful wounds that can only be healed by God Himself. It denies the woman not only of the joy that this child would have been, and should have been in her life; but it denies her of the grandchildren, great grandchildren, and generations of children that would have blessed her life, if this child had been allowed to live.
     The suffering of abortion continues until the Star of Bethlehem appears in our night sky and shines His healing love into our heart. The memory of our loss never goes away, but through the miracle of His love, God heals our hurt. He finds a way to remold the pieces of a broken vessel that can then be used for His purposes.
     If you are suffering from abortion I pray that you will allow the truth of Jesus Christ to bring healing in to your long night of suffering.
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