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   The United States of America has gone from being a nation that did not allow abortion for any reason to allowing abortion for rape and incest, to allowing abortion for any reason at all.
  We have gone from a nation that allowed abortion only in the first trimester to allowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy up to moments before birth.We have gone from a nation that allowed women to choose abortion for any or no reason through all nine months of pregnancy to now calling it necessary health care. We have gone from a nation that calls abortion reproductive health care to now demanding that insurance companies cover this procedure. We have gone from a nation that demands that insurance companies cover this (erroneously called) medical procedure to mandating that doctors must perform abortion on demand.  We have gone from a nation that mandates insurance companies to provide this coverage, and mandates doctors to perform this service to now mandating that all tax payers must pay for the woman’s right to choose what she cannot afford to pay for.
  On one hand Planned Parenthood declares that the government should not interfere with a woman’s right to abort her child, while at the same time the other hand is collecting thousands of our tax dollars to pay for that decision.
  Our lawmakers have castrated the male population by telling the men to sit down and shut up about abortion because it is not THEIR issue. They have effectively denied fathers their God given role as protector of the family by denying him the right to protect his own flesh and blood. Now they want to insist that these same men use their tax dollars to pay for what they demand is the woman’s exclusive right to murder her child.  
   At what point does a government stop paying for goods and services for those that can’t afford the choices that they make?
  How long will it be before the government will claim the right to make the choice for the women because they are paying for it?
   How long will it be before the government decides whether or not it is more beneficial to them to give the woman an abortion or allow her to give birth to her child?
   How long will it be before the government takes from the woman the children that she birthed, because they are supporting them and it must be done!
   Can’t happen you say?  Oh but it can!  It has happened before and it can happen again. When it happened to me it was illegal, but with the direction of our current laws we are going down that slippery slope very quickly.
   The government is taking away our rights to teach our children and grandchildren responsible sexual behavior in the schools.  They are beginning to take away their sexual innocence as early as kindergarten in some states.  Planned Parenthood is determined to provide them with early sexual education and then help them erase their mistakes through abortion.   The government wants our children and they are progressively and aggressively taking them from us. It is time for this evil progressive and aggressive behavior to stop. That will not happen until "We the People" demand that it be stopped. Please make you voice be heard in Wash, DC loud and clear.  "We the People" will not fund the killing of future generations!
Copyright ARM 10/09/2010


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