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Evil in High Places

Evil in High Places
You deny my child his right to life
You deny me my right to grieve
You mock my pain and suffering
in lieu of justice ,you offer pity for relief
You deny my right to liberty
You deny my right to be angry
You attempt to deny my access to God
By denying that He exist
You name me among the rebellious
And put me on your list
You deny that God hears my prayer
You deny that God can speak
You classify believers as insane,
Dangerous, and in need of managing
Lest your evil secrets begin to leak
You offer the religion of politics
In lieu of a relationship with Christ
When evidence of God’s intervention
Can no longer be denied
You want to take credit for His work
And cast my God aside
You steal, rape and kill my children
Then have the gall to say, “I lie”
You wash your garments in
The blood of innocent babies
Instead of the Savior who died
You invade my privacy
To steal my dignity
And bring shame to my family name
To advance your own agenda
Then you say that I am to blame
Your deception was not by force
Your coercion was not overt
You cleverly concealed your evil
Offering to help them with their hurt
When they don’t break under your scrutiny
You call them ignorant and blind
You slander their identity,
and treat them with contempt
while you swim in sewage of discarded children
you declare their parents as “ unfit”
You rob them of everything
That they worked honestly to earn
Because they can’t conceive of such evil
You claim they are “clueless”
And cannot learn
You have the audacity to demand respect
While you illegally invade their home
You mock and destroy all that is decent
As you cower behind your thrones
You think you are entitled
To whatever you desire to take
You think no one will confront your corruption
you blame the morons and peons
when they learn  your tricks
and you get caught in your mistakes
You exempt yourself from all the rules
And make laws for the rest of us
You trample the misfits and uneducated
And wonder why we cannot trust
You insult and disgrace our military 
who have fought and bled and died
while they fight your wars,
 you rape their wives and kill their children
and turn a deaf ear when you hear their cries
You refuse to acknowledge God
And dare others to claim His grace
In your efforts to thwart God’s plan
His intelligent design for His creation
The earth and “the human race”
While the misfits offer up prayers for you
Asking God to spare your lives
You kill, steal, and destroy
And cloak your evil deeds with
Your pathetic, politically correct lies
Be sure that God will not be mocked
Though your futile attempts be so bold
Your time would best be spent
Seeking His mercy
for your unrepentant souls
You may succeed in
Silencing some of the people
Some of the time
But you can never silence
ALL the people ALL the time
The age old truths still stand
Just as you sow,
 you shall also reap
And so goes the cycle of life
the world continues to turn
even as we sleep
Your evil has risen to unfathomable heights
But the ignorant misfits should not complain
Such evil is above our pay grade
And when we stand before our maker
It won’t be the misfits who have to explain
 Copyright 2008 ARM

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