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America Must Never Forget!

 On September 11, 2011 I didn’t want to remember my own 911 experience.  I didn’t want to rehearse my public testimony of the death of my unborn children on this day as I had been doing daily for almost three years now.  It somehow seemed selfish and disrespectful to those that had died in the 911 tragedy at the Twin Towers. Yet, I couldn’t deny the anger that I felt because of the innocent babies that die every day in our nation.  The more I listened to the President and others talk about what a tragedy the terror attacks were on 9-11-2001 the more I  wondered why they can not  view the daily murder of over 3000 unborn Americans  with the same passion and determination to stop this destructive practice in our nation.  If abortion is about women’s rights, what were my rights? What were my unborn children’s rights?  More than one administration, of both political parties, have come and gone from office since 1971 when my babies were ripped from my womb with no regard to my choice.  Two short years after their death abortion became legal in all States of the United States of America.  Deception and denial are powerful tools in the hands of Satan. Four decades later I still have so many unanswered questions concerning the death of my babies.  How could a doctor, sworn to do no harm, justify such a horrible act? How could this have happened in a government facility by a government doctor who wore the uniform of a United States Military Officer and had sworn to support and defend our constitution? How could other doctor’s who treated me not have known that most of my health problems were caused by this horrible assault? But the most puzzling questions of all concerned my own denial.  How could I have believed there was nothing I could do? How could I have remained silent about the murder of my own babies for nearly 4 decades?  Most of those years were spend just trying to recover from a variety of health problems and disastrous personal relationship decisions. During those years I refused to listen to any pro-life and pro-choice discussions or debates.  I had never been involved in politics and I couldn’t bear to listen to the “political rhetoric” concerning abortion. It caused the anger to begin churning deep inside my spirit. An anger that I didn’t understand and couldn’t resolve, because I believed there was nothing I could do about a man that overstepped his boundaries and decided to play god.   The abortionist had said about my abortion “it had to be done”. My own husband said, it didn’t matter because the pregnancy wasn’t planned.  I believed the lie that there was nothing I could do. I bought into the lie that it was just another political issue. I couldn’t bear to admit, even to myself, that this doctor had murdered my children. None of it made any sense.   I wanted to forget, I tried to forget, but I couldn’t forget. God would not let me forget!  Just because a government says it is legal does not mean it is just! The murder of three to four thousand unborn Americans every day will never be just! America must never forget that every thing Hitler did was legal!

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