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Arms of Grace, Abortion Recovery Ministry

February 2012

Forgiveness Is Not Easy

It is not always an easy thing to respond the way God would have us respond to our enemies. Attacks from those filled with contempt can come at unexpected times in unexpected ways.  When we are caught off guard it can cause us to react in the emotion of the moment.  We must always look to God for the grace and strength to stay strong and remain alert. Only by keeping our eyes on the Lord and renewing our minds daily with His word will we be able to stand against the scoffers. Only by God’s grace we will be able to pray for our enemies and those who spitefully use us.

Prayer for Kentucky

HeavenlyFather, today from all four corners of our state I pray that your power would reign supreme over the powers of darkness.
Let your Kingdom come and your will be done from the halls of heaven to the halls of our courts.  Today by the power of your Holy Spirit we speak life and prosperity over our state.  By your name, let the chains of poverty and death be broken over the State of Kentucky and our nation.
Let the clinics of death become centers of life and healing for the women of Kentucky and all States of the United States of America.
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