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The Nation’s Children Should Know

Sadly, I fear that many of our nation's school children may never fully appreciate the lives and accomplishments of these two American giants of history.
Senator Robert Byrd, (D, WVA)

These were comments of deceased Senator Robert Byrd, from West Virginia, in reference to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

I couldn’t agree more with Sen. Byrd that our school children have a right and a need to know the history of our nation, especially in regards to abortion. They need to know about the period of time when our nation did not protect the life of ALL its children and women. Only by knowing the history of abortion will our young people be able to make the right choices for the future.

Sadly, I fear that many of our nation’s children may never have the opportunity to fully appreciate LIFE as these American giants of history did.

Satan has been waging war against the female that God created since the beginning. In childbirth she brings the perfect image of God to earth. Women and children of our day have been betrayed by our lawmakers and many of our church leaders. Too many church leaders are afraid to speak out against abortion for fear of offending their members that support abortion.

Our national leaders are interpreting the silence of our church leaders as approval for their actions on legalized abortion. The current health care plan will cause an increase in the killing of our children and we will be required to help finance that killing. We must not let that happen.

Children are precious gifts from God. We must stop discarding of them like trash. Because of pro-abortion laws that allow women to end the life of their unborn child, thousands of these tiny, defenseless, human beings will be snatched from the mother’s womb on a daily basis. Their life will be destroyed before they can take their first breath outside the mother's womb. If by some miracle they survive these barbaric attacks, the doctor is allowed to withhold medical attention to insure that death occurs. These tiny human beings are allowed to suffer until they surcumb to death. By the grace of God the souls and spirits of these innocent children will return to their creator; but their bodies, or body parts, will be sold for commercial use on the open market in what our current President calls , 'the normal course of business.'

Perhaps, when the full impact of these atrocious acts are exposed, our nation’s school children that become leaders will return to the truth that ALL human beings are created equal.

Perhaps then, our nation can return to teaching its children about the God that this nation in under. Perhaps then, they can have the freedom of religion that our fore fathers fought and died for. Perhaps then, our new leaders of the next generation would find a place in its schools to teach the sanctity of life and the laws and morals of the creator and ruler of our universe, rather than the lies and distortions of the culture of death.

Perhaps then our new generation of leaders will be allowed to teach about Adam and Eve in the garden and pro-creation, in lieu of Adam and Steve in the bar room teaching different strokes of sex education!

Perhaps then the truth will bring to light that not all illegal abortions took place in dark back alleys as some senators would have us believe.

Nay, some took place in “reputable” hospitals with full knowledge of some our government officials. Merciful doctors spared the naive mothers of any knowledge or burden of decision making. There by sentencing her to a life of physical, mental, and emotional pain and chaos caused by her ignorance.

May the God that this nation is under have mercy on us and rescue us from this continued curse from our pro-abortion congress and President. They may avoid answering to the people, but they will not avoid answering to God.
Copyright ARM 2012

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